Clipper Captain Program

Introducing the ‘Clipper Captain’ Program

The Nanaimo Clippers are excited to introduce our new community program, ‘Clipper Captain’. The program’s mission is to promote physical and mental health among Nanaimo’s youth while also developing future community leaders through sport.

‘Clipper Captain’ is based on four pillars and implores kids to be a Clipper Captain: for their health,  at school, in the community, and at home. We encourage elementary school children to embrace these values and strive to embody them in their daily lives. 

Through the ‘Clipper Captain’ Program, we aim to instill healthy habits in Nanaimo’s youth by promoting active lifestyles and good mental health practices. By emphasizing the importance of education and leadership in school, we hope to inspire students to become future leaders in their communities. 

We are excited to announce that the ‘Clipper Captain’ program also includes Clippers players visiting schools that are interested in participating in the program. Our players will engage with students and provide valuable insights into the importance of physical activity, good nutrition, and mental health. These visits will help us connect with the community and promote the values of our ‘Clipper Captain’ program in a fun and interactive way. 

Furthermore, participating schools will be eligible for discounted group tickets to an upcoming Clippers home game. We believe that this opportunity will provide students and their families with a fun and exciting way to enjoy a night out while continuing to promote the values of a ‘Clipper Captain’. We are thrilled to introduce the ‘Clipper Captain’ program and look forward to seeing its positive impact on Nanaimo’s youth. By promoting physical and mental health, education, and leadership, we hope to create a brighter future for our community. Join us in encouraging Nanaimo’s youth to be a ‘Clipper Captain’ in everything they do!

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