Subaru of Nanaimo Adopt A School Program

Subaru of Nanaimo ‘Adopt a School’ Program

The Nanaimo Clippers and Subaru of Nanaimo are thrilled to announce a collaborative community initiative, the Adopt a School Program. This program presents businesses with a unique opportunity to make a meaningful impact in the community through sport and help improve the lives of Nanaimo’s youth!

The Adopt a School Program operates in conjunction with the Clipper Captain initiative and aims to instill Nanaimo’s youth with ‘Clipper Captain’ values. Youth are encouraged to act like a “Clipper Captain” in all aspects of their lives: at home, at school, in their community, and with their physical and mental health.

Through these programs, students will meet Clippers' players and the Clippers’ mascot, ‘C-Dog,’ at their school. Students will have the chance to win tickets to upcoming games and will also be given opportunities to receive exclusive Clippers prizes!

Subaru Nanaimo’s commitment to community shines brightly through their role as the title sponsor of the Adopt a School Program. Through their involvement in the program, Subaru Nanaimo hopes to play a positive role in shaping tomorrow’s leaders: 

“We are proud to serve as the title sponsor for the Adopt a School program. We care deeply about the community and we’re passionate about giving back in meaningful ways – we’re committed to fostering a bright future for our youth, together with the Clippers.” Brent Evans, General Manager.

The Clippers and Subaru of Nanaimo are excited to see the program adopted by more local businesses to further support the community and promote the ‘Clipper Captain’ initiative. Join us today to make a difference in Nanaimo’s youth! Visit Adopt A School for more information on the Subaru of Nanaimo Adopt a School Program and how to get involved.

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